Union activist predicts Democrat win


No Republican has ever won the presidency without carrying Ohio. And one local scholar doesn’t think that will happen this election either. Chris Davidson reports.

For Dr. John Russo, last year’s battle over Senate Bill 5 sealed the deal for President Obama in Ohio.

 That had an impact on many urban unionized workers teachers and city employees who mobilized in ways that they hadn’t in many, many years.

Russo – a union activist – says John Kasich’s attempt to limit collective bargaining in the state instead limited the governor’s contribution to the Republicans.

 John Kasich is invisible in terms of the Romney campaign

Russo co-directs the working class studies program at Youngstown State University. He says the president’s programs will chalk up votes in Northeast Ohio.

The local people … working class benefitted from the stimulus package, you know. Obviously not only the bailout of GM that helped Lordstown, but the stimulus money helped (V&M Star) build its new facility in the area that’s obviously very important.

The president may also get a boost from incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown, who faces Republican challenger Josh Mandel.

In Ohio, Brown is much more popular than Obama, a reversal of historical notions. I think he can ride the coattails of Sherrod Brown.

In our next report, we will bring you a conservative take on next month’s election.

Andrew Bush edited this report. For TheNewsOutlet.org, I’m Chris Davidson.