The Green Party offers voters another choice


Howard Markart – Member of The Green Party
(Photo by Richard Darbey/The News Outlet)

Aired September 13, 2012 on WYSU


We continue our election series today with a look at the Mahoning County Green Party. Here’s Chris Davidson.

You may think if you vote for a third party candidate you’d be throwing your vote away…not so says Green Party Member Howard Markert:

that’s the only way that you can legitimately tell the democratic party and the republican party that you are pissed off with how things are going in our country today

Markert says many people are upset with the political scene but simply not voting is a mistake:

Choosing to not vote is being proposed by a large number of groups is merely continuing the status quo

Markert says the Mahoning County Green Party members total about 300. They support home grown food products, greenspaces, restoration of the Mahoning River AND reducing the political power of corporations. They oppose hydrofracking for natural gas and oil and the creation of injection wells for disposal of fracking chemicals.

Markert…who is running for Mahoning County Commissioner on the Green Ballot, backs Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein. He advises voters to review the various party platforms and vote their conscience:

I would suggest voting by your values

Andrew Bush edited this report.

For the News Outlet, I’m Chris Davidson