Tea Party ship travels roads…


Aired September 11, 2012 on WYSU

During the next few weeks, WYSU and the News Outlet will bring you information about the coming elections and the local political scene. Chris Davidson tells us about a local and national organization, that some claim, dates back to America’s revolution.

( Paul Revere would have been a founding fathers of the tea party cause he would have said whoaaaa we have a problem and we’ve gotta tell the people about it.)

That’s Bud Brothers. The 81-year-old Valley resident joined the conservative tea party movement in 2009.

His brick building on South Meridian Road houses the local tea party headquarters. A replica of the ship unloaded of its tea cargo by colonists in 1773, sits outside the building on a trailer, and a big, tea party sign emblazoned across the doorway, brings in passersby:

(Two or three a day, a day)

Like Youngstowner Clem Newtz:

( They’re for the same thing I’m for, getting rid of Obama )

Brothers says he’s worried about taxes, government regulations and the country debt. He aims to drum up support for the Romney-Ryan ticket by taking his tea party ship on the roads every weekend.

(I get behind the wheels of that thing. And I drive to Sharon, New Castle, Warren and Salem and I go through Lisbon.)

He faces rough seas in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. In 2008, Mr. Obama won both with more than 60 percent of the vote. It may be smoother sailing in neighboring counties. The president garnered 49 percent of the vote in Mercer, 47 percent in Lawrence and 45 in Columbiana. County.

Caitlin Fitch contributed to this report. For the News Outlet, I’m Chris Davidson