State Issue Two may be lost on voters


Aired November 2, 2012 on WYSU

One of the questions Ohioans will be voting on in a few weeks is a constitutional amendment to create a commission to draw legislative and congressional districts. Chris Davidson gives us a preview of State Issue Two.

The term “gerrymandering” has been bandied about for centuries. Two hundred years ago, the Boston Gazette created the term to define the redrawing of the Massachusetts senate districts under then-governor Elbridge Gerry and ever since, Gerrymandering is what one political party claims if a different political party draws up the districts.

State Issue Two would resolve that – it’s a constitutional amendment that would give the power to create legislative and congressional districts to an independent commission.

It carries the full support of the League of Women Voters of Greater Youngstown. President Kathleen Dragoman:

The system is broken and State Issue Two is a beginning solid, good look at the fixing of system, so I really encourage citizens to vote yes on issue two.

Mahoning County Republican Chairman Mark Munroe does not support it. 

What I don’t like about State Issue Two is it creates an unelected unaccountable bureaucracy that makes decisions for citizens.

YSU Political Science Professor Dr. Paul Sracic:

Issue Two is a complicated issue and I think Ohio voters tend to reject that what they don’t understand, so I don’t expect it to pass.

Sracic says voters are focusing on the presidential campaigns right now so other issues may fall by the wayside.

Andrew Bush edited this report. For, I’m Chris Davidson.