Sled riders find themselves on the skids during recent snows


With a fresh blanket of snow, many Northeast Ohio residents took to the hills this week. Chris Davidson brings us the story.



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The temperature hovered around 23 degrees, but the cold temps and light snow didn’t seem to dampen the enthusiasm of sled riders.

Vanessa Quarels and her husband, Charles, often take advangtage of the sledding hills at Mill Creek Park. Vanessa, 49, loves the sport. Her husband, 59, just goes along for the ride. (Christine Davidson/

The snow itself is awesome. Look, it’s beautiful outside

Southsider Vanessa Quarles enjoys sled riding at Birch Hill in Mill Creek Park.

 First of all, it’s good exercise, excellent for the body, especially on winter nights when people like to eat a little more than they should and stay inside.  

Quarles says sled riding is a real workout.

When you sled you go up hills to get down to the bottom, so it’s good on the thighs, on the arms.

And according to, at 49, Quarles joins the kids and teenagers who burn up about 475 calories with each hour spent going up and down the hills.

And sometimes, it’s not so much about the activity, but more about the person you’re with. Here’s Quarles’ husband, 59-year-old John.

 I like it ’cause, she like it. It’s not something I’m interested in at all …she likes it

Spring is about a month and a half away … so you may have several more chances to grab your sled and go downhill.

yeah ooooooo

For, I’m Chris Davidson.

That was a little one … normally it goes all the way down there.