Shee Wai Wong

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Youngstown officials are pressuring property owners who have failed to address numerous code violations, going so far as to instigate criminal charges. The city’s law department is investigating criminal charges against the owner of the Parkway Tower, which was one of the few high-rise apartment buildings in the city.

Archives Visitors to Fellows Riverside Gardens at Mill Creek Park will get a spectacular view from the Garden Café terrace, not only of the colorful trees, but also of Lake Glacier. Wai Wong

Mill Creek MetroParks in Youngstown offers several ideals spots to observe the fall leave display. But the trees and plants aren’t the only reason to visit. Small creatures, such as squirrels, will can be observed around the trees gathering nuts and acorns for winter.

Audio The City of Youngstown is investigating criminal charges against the out-of-state landowner of Parkway Tower. There are several code violations that the owner hasn’t addressed. Shee Wai Wong/

A city landmark in downtown Youngstown is having some legal trouble. The building owner, an out-of-state investment group, is taking time to deal with its housing violations on the property. Shee Wai Wong tells us the story behind the building.

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