Rachel Lundberg

Audio Rank Leghart, the mayor of Carrollton, said his city welcomes the boom that comes with fracking, but knows eventually it will need to handle the eventual bust. (Mary Sweetwood/TheNewsOutlet.org)

Booms, busts and rushes. American history is filled with them. During the Gold Rush, thousands went West in search of riches. Now, people are looking for wealth in a new direction – down. What’s in those shale deposits below our feet may change rural communities forever. Rachel Lundberg brings us the story.

Audio Attorney Scott Cochran at his law office in Youngstown, Ohio. (Rachel Lundberg/TheNewsOutlet.org)

It’s a fundamental right of all Americans: trial by jury. But it’s up to the attorneys to choose the people who sit in the jury box and decide our fates at trial. Rachel Lundberg brings us a look at how lawyers go about deciding who makes the final cut.

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