Ohio finds out it’s all about swing


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Ohio is evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. We are a battleground state, a purple state or what’s called a Swing State – in other words we can swing either Republican or Democrat in the November election and that’s why we’re so important. Chris Davidson has the story.

As one of the swing states, Ohio receives lots of attention from politicians.

It is a very strange thing the idea that if you live in California or in Texas you probably don’t even know there is an election and if you live in one of the nine states that it’s constant

That’s Austintown resident Bill Koch, he’s one of the many Ohio residents besieged by robo calls, political mailings and TV ads.

Nancy Olander of Poland says she can deal with all the political stuff.

The mailings can go just directly into the garbage can. I can always hang up the phone, though we don’t have a landline anymore so I am starting to get calls on my cell; I don’t know how that happened exactly. And the commercials – you
walk away if you need to

Kelly Munroe of Boardman tries to avoid television commercials.

I like to record things now because I can just fast forward through all the commercials
I just don’t think they get their points across and it’s just more negative than positive.

One person who can’t avoid TV commercials is Kathy Sarna … she’s the national sales assistant for all the New Vision media in Youngstown, WKBN WYFX, WYTV and MyYTV.

Yesterday, we probably billed about $100,000 and will probably do that today (too). It’s crazy. It’s just a crazy time.

Sarna expects the political campaigns to spend more then $8 million with New Vision in Youngstown.

Everybody around here is tense. Management is smiling. It’s a huge boost to our revenue for the year a lot of stations rely on that money. We might ride on until another election.

WFMJ and WBCB in Youngstown have already raked in $5 million in political advertising…. and The Washington Post reports the presidential campaigns have spent … so far… $19 million on political ads in Columbus, $15 million in Cincinnati and $35 million in Cleveland.

We are the ultimate swing state

Youngstown State University political Science professor, Dr. Paul Sracic

Depending on whether you like politics or not it’s wonderful or it’s horrible.

He says we should take the next few weeks in stride.

You should enjoy it. You are important. People are paying attention to you. You have the kind of voice that other people don’t have.

Koch agrees.

I enjoy it, I like the attention. I like that staffers are coming form all over the country to work in our state and all the muckety-muck politicians are coming to visit us.

Tom Booher of Poland isn’t quite so happy.

I’m counting the days until it’s over. If early voting would make it be over, I would be doing that, but it doesn’t help (LAUGH).

Sracic says the dividing line between Ohio Republicans and Democrats is only point 1 percent.

Your vote could really matter this time, cause we expect a close election.

What Ohioans do is probably going to determine this election.

Maybe an old song sums it up best.

(If you ain’t got that swing, you ain’t got a thing)

Andrew Bush edited this report.
For TheNewsOutlet.org, I’m Chris Davidson.