News Outlet reporters share their Texas reporting stories in ‘The Fracking Economy’


News Outlet student reporters Doug Livingston, Chris Cotelesse and Nicole Stempack share their Texas reporting stories in The Civic Commons forum, The Fracking Economy.

The Fracking Economy

New methods of drilling for natural gas and oil have opened up previously unreachable resources deep below the Earth’s surface in Ohio. Depending on your perspective, drilling with hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in the Marcellus shale is either the Ohio’s greatest economic opportunity or greatest environmental threat. Turns out, it’s a little of both. Join Civic Commons hosts Dan Moulthrop and Noelle Celeste as they travel the region looking answers from a variety of geographic and geologic perspectives.

Guests include Karl Henkel, formerly of the Youngstown Vindicator newspaper; Dr. Jeffrey Dick of Youngstown State University, Andrew Thomas, a former energy lawyer and current Executive in Residence at Cleveland State University; and three crackerjack student journalists from The News Outlet who traveled all the way to Texas to look at what the future of fracking might look like: Doug Livingston, Chris Cotelesse and Nicole Stempak.

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