Mill Creek goes to the dogs each month


Valentine’s Day has gone to the dogs. Here’s Chris Davidson with the story from the Lily Pond at Mill Creek Park.

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(Sounds of a dog howling.)

The MetroMutts offers monthly programs for dogs and their owners at Mill Creek Park. (Chris Davidson/

The Sunday before Valentine’s Day a group of about 75 dogs and their owners celebrated by taking a hike.

MetroMutts is a membership program for dogs and their human companions and what we try to do is each month have something dog related whether it’s a hike or a program.

Linda Kostka is the development and marketing director for Mill Creek MetroParks.

 So, today is our annual puppy love Valentine’s Day dog hike. And after we’re done, we are going into Birch Hill Cabin, we’ll have valentines for the dogs.

MetroMutts offers a variety of programs.

We had “doga” last month, which was a dog yoga

Kostka attends the events with her greyhound, Grace, …

… who turns into Cujo around other dogs.

Paula Humason of Champion brings her 19-month-old Golden Retriever, Zoey.

We love Mill Creek Park and we saw that the party was for the dogs and she’s the only one we have left at home.

Katey Malone of Berlin Center comes along with her Rottweiler, Brutus.

We like Mill Creek Park. We run down here.

If you would like to find out more information about MetroMutts, you can go to their website:


For, I’m Chris Davidson.