Local conservative predicts a Romney win


We brought you a story yesterday featuring political activist John Russo. He shared his liberal perspective. Today, we bring you a conservative look at some of the issues. Here’s Chris Davidson.

Republicans have a tough time in Mahoning County. Democrats say they outnumber Republicans two-to-one while the head of the GOP says those figures aren’t quite right.

we are outnumbered by about five to one.

Mark Munroe says what’s worse, is those people who don’t get involved in the political system at all:

It’s a shame, we can not have a strong republic unless people get involved and study the issues and make informed decisions on election day and so often times that doesn’t happen that is to our detriment.

Voters who go to the polls will find no Republican candidates in nine county races. Munroe says they have to pick their battles.

We try to focus on the races where we think we have a good candidate and there is a reasonable possibility chance that we can win.

Munroe says winning is a possibility in the 59th district house seat where Kim Poma challenges incumbent Ron Gerberry:

She is the perfect candidate to go to Columbus and represent this valley.

The county Republicans also back the candidacy of Dave Rossi for the open county commissioner seat.

Munroe predicts Mitt Romney will win Ohio, without Mahoning County, but with an assist from Ohio’s governor.

John Kasich is one of the strongest cheerleaders you will find for Gov. Romney. He is a very strong supporter of Mitt Romney.

Andrew Bush edited this report. For TheNewsOutlet.org, I’m Chris Davidson