Increase in state sales tax effective Sept. 1


Beginning this week, Ohioans will be paying more in sales tax. Chris Davidson reports.



As of Sept. 1, all purchases Ohioans make will be taxed a quarter percent more. The state rate bumps up to 5.75 percent. The increase is part of the state’s new budget that took effect this past July. All goods and services with few exceptions are included.

The hike translates to 25 cents on every $100 you spend. So, a $500 purchase will run an extra $1.50. Then tag on what each county charges and you’ll end up with the final cost.

Trumbull County charges 1 percent for a total of 6.75 percent, Mahoning County adds a transit tax that brings its sales tax total to 7 percent and Columbiana charges 1½ percent for a total of 7.25 percent

According to, Ohio ranks 28th in state and local sales taxes. Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire and Oregon and have no sales tax.

For, I’m Chris Davidson