Friends of river look to sponsor more events


The Friends of the Mahoning River looks to future projects after the conclusion of their first event in October. Rachel Lundberg brings us an update.

The Friends of the Mahoning River formed in April of this year to restore the Mahoning River. Felicia Armstrong says community members are working to revitalize the river area.

There is concern on the Mahoning River. We are doing things to rejuvenate the area with the Mahoning River, get some recreational events on it. Maybe clean up parts of it.

The next steps have been set in motion following the success of October’s River Fest.

Planning for next year’s River Fest begins immediately and group members hope the event will grow. Armstrong hopes River Fest expands.

I would love to see this green space filled with different community groups that are involved with the Mahoning River and their activities.

Patricia Natali, co-founder of Friends, says future projects include clearing a trail along the Mahoning River from The B&O to Mill Creek Park and making the stretch of the river in Mahoning County into a water trail.

Reporting for, I’m Rachel Lundberg.