Fracking protest combined with worship service


The outcry continues this week over the illegal dumping of fracking waste on the city’s west side. Chris Davidson reports on one demonstration combined with a worship service on Sunday, Feb. 10, in downtown Youngstown.

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The Rev. Monica Beasley-Martin led a worship service Feb. 10 to bless the waters of the Mahoning River during a demonstration against the illegal dumping of fracking waste. (Christine Davidson/

About 30 people gathered on the banks of the Mahoning River at the historic B&O Station in downtown Youngstown. They’re unhappy about the illegal dumping of fracking waste on Salt Springs Road.

I don’t think the Mahoning River is just a dump that we should be continuing to throw garbage in. I know back in the steel mill times the river took a lot of abuse, but I thought we were a lot smarter than that now and realize that you just can’t continue to pollute and pollute and pollute.

Denny Wertzel of Berlin Center said he came to the demonstration because he wanted to show city officials that somebody cares. His wife, Meredith, echoes his comments.

 To show concern to show that citizens do care about the environment.

Thirty people attended a fracking waste demonstration Feb. 10 on the banks of the Mahoning River at the B&O Station. The demonstration also featured a prayer service to bless the waters. (Andrew Donofrio/

The Rev. Monica Beasley-Martin of the Frackfree America National Coalition and a minister with the Defenders of the Earth Outreach Mission officiated at a worship service.

We basically have a concern for the destruction that has taken place within our community where people are more concerned about profit than they are for each other.

She also offered a water blessing.

We want to apologize for what our mankind has done to the earth.

For, I’m Chris Davidson.