Democrat chairman laments lack of competition


Today, WYSU and the News Outlet continue our series of reports on the upcoming elections. Chris Davidson caught up with the leader of the Mahoning County Democrats.

I can say unequivocally we are better off now then we were four years ago in the Mahoning Valley.

Attorney Dave Betras, chairman of the Democrat Party in Mahoning County credits President Obama with an upswing in the local economy:

If you recall four years ago, they did not have 45 hundred people working three shifts out there. GM was on the ropes. We didn’t know what was going to happen to GM V & M was not going … tradesmen were not working. We were on our knees

Betras says Democrats make up a majority of voters in the county:

I would say in the 60 percent, but then we have a lot of people who say they’re Democrats that aren’t because they want someone to vote for

This election as in years past, the GOP has failed to field candidates in several races.

Republicans have no candidates running in nine positions: County recorder, treasurer, engineer, coroner, sheriff, clerk of court of common pleas and for the 58th District seat in the Ohio House of Representatives.

Betras says that lack of competition weakens the Democrats:

if you don’t have an opponent you don’t need the party and you don’t need to worry about the party dogma or be engaged your in … you don’t have an opponent and hey life’s good

As in 2008, Betras expects the President to win Mahoning County with close to 60 percent of the vote.

Andrew Bush edited this report. For, I’m Chris Davidson.