Customers making final costume choices


Photo provided by Doug Livingston
Monster High costumes, like this wolf version, are top sellers this year.

Are you going to dress up for Halloween? Customers are making a final dash to buy Halloween products. Shee Wai Wong visited some local Halloween stores.

It’s time of the year for both kids and adults to dress up and have fun with their favorite characters.

Charles Chapman, the assistant manager in Spirit Halloween of Boardman, says Monster High costumes are the top sellers this year. Monster High is a cartoon series that features fashion dolls mixed with elements of horror fiction.

The biggest thing we’ve been selling is Abbey Bominable from Monster High. We are completely sold out as a company, it’s sold out online.

The blue-skin, long-white haired Abbey Bominable is a character from Monster High.

Monster High is really big with little kids. I mean, every child wants to be that, every little girl I know of.

That’s Cheryl Snyder, the sales associate in Spirit Halloween as well. She says several big hit movies have brought us more Halloween options:

The Avengers movie is really big too. Avengers and Spider-Man.

Cetta Orecurato, who works as an assistant manager at Party Max also, says for both children and adults, superheroes never die out.

A lot of the costumes are from the new movies, Batman and Robin, Cat Woman, Bane, the Invisible man.

Chapman says the comedy film, “Ted,” which features a large Teddy bear is also selling.

Ted is probably the most recent thing or the newest thing that we have.

Snyder says young men are buying costumes from the video game Angry Birds.

Guys are mostly buying funny costume. Funny and scary.

And girls like to stick with being pretty and attractive.

We have a lot of sexy costume, promiscuous, which is very big. We have nurse costumes, witches costumes.

Orecurato says the sexy costume is really going crazy this year.

The more sexy. I want to be a celebrity for a day, I want to be pretty for a day. I want to be sexy for a day rather than the monsters.

Parents beware: costumes range in price from $30 to $60, plus some of the accessories and make-up can run another $30 or more.

Reporting for, I’m Shee Wai Wong.