Chesapeake Energy drills in Ohio and Texas


A team of reporters from The News Outlet traveled to Texas to cover stories about gas and oil well drilling in the Lone Star state. Ohio is exploring the same process.
Caitlin Fitch takes us to a drilling site in Arlington

Chesapeake Energy drills in Ohio and Texas by The News Outlet

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(Natural sound of the drilling)

In the middle of downtown Arlington-about a mile and a half from Cowboys stadium-sits a 175 foot drilling rig. Several walls shield the platform and its workers from the Division Street auto dealerships, gas stations and restaurants. Laborers from the Chesapeake Energy Corporation man the rig 24-7. Chesapeake is the second largest producer of natural gas in the United States.

Justin Bond, Marketing Development Project Manager of Chesapeake says they’re drilling for natural gas.

(We are finding that it’s just 98% methane and that CH4 natural gas some of it’s just practically pipeline quality that you could burn it on your burner stove if you wanted…….right then)

Chesapeake owns leading positions in many shale plays including Barnett in Texas, and the Marcellus, and Utica here in Ohio.

Bond says they’re busy.

(In the last 12 months we’ve drilled about 6 wells a week. One out of every seven producing wells in the Barnett belongs to Chesapeake.)

Chesapeake operates about 6,000 wells in more than 80 Texas counties.

(more natural sound)

Within two weeks at the downtown site the frackers will take over. Frackers will inject a combination of chemicals, sand and water into the Barnett shale formations that will release the natural gas from underneath Division Street.

G. Michael Brown, Manager of Market Development says drilling for gas is directional.

(Most of the wells in this area are drilled either to the Northwest or Southeast, and that’s because that’s the actual direction of the flow of the rock. By doing it that way when we are able to open up the rock during (fracking) it opens up greater and we can get more gas from a wider area.)

The Utica shale will be drilled the same direction.

Brown says Chesapeake takes measures to control hazardous environmental effects at all of their work or pad sites.

(Also whether its sound mitigation or dust control on these pad sites if we have been controlling those….tailoring our operations to the area that we are.)

In cities, they take different approaches.

(Looking at our urban areas its canceling truck hours that would…stop at 3-9 for pedestrians crossing….local school)

Chesapeake says all parties profit.

(Obviously any product is gonna bring back a benefit for the company, here the difference is it brings back a benefit for that property owner..)

Bond says it’s not just the company and land owners.

(Individuals have really been able to benefit from the Barnett shale even if they’re not a direct benefit we’ve seen indirect benefits from additional employment or from money that’s given to school or cities.)

This is a special oil and gas report for the NewsOutlet. Doug Livingston contributed to this report, I’m Caitlin Fitch.