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State of Education Ohio Sen. Joe Schiavoni, left, and Rep. John Patrick Carney, both Democrats, will introduce legislation to increase transparency and accountability of charter school operators and sponsors.

An investigation into the accountability of charter schools by the Akron Beacon Journal and The News Outlet has led to two lawmakers asking for changes in state law. The legislation would require private operators and sponsors to comply with public record requests and the state to annually audit those operators and sponsors.

State of Education Ohio Petermann buses wait to pick up students outside an Akron charter school. (Photo by Ed Suba Jr./Akron Beacon Journal)

At the same time that Ohio requires public school districts to bus charter school students, it is has eliminated money to buy new buses and reduced funding transportation assistance. This forces some local school districts to contract with private busing companies and pay more per mile for each student. The added costs come from local school district’s general fund, which is funded by local taxpayers.

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