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Poverty Photo by Caitlin Fitch | The News Outlet

Heidrun Hultgern, an art history professor, came from Germany hoping to find the American Dream. She had it for a time, but now at age 70, finds herself in a nightmare. She lost her part-time teaching job at Kent State University – a job that allowed her to live somewhat securely. Now, after mortgage, car payments and utility bills, she has $150 a month to live on. With the insulin she needs to handle her diabetes costing $103, she finds she must make a choice between food and health.

Poverty Photo by Caitlin Cook | The News Outlet

Alexander Zetts felt so much pain and guilt after he left his family in 1993 that he began a cycle of drug and alcohol abuse. Now at age 53, he spends most of his days and nearly all his nights at a rescue mission. He has two goals in life: stay off drugs and alcohol, and get to know his family again.