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Many concerned with lack of development on South side

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Roughly 70 South side residents attended an informational meeting sponsored by the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. The meeting at the Oak Hill Collaborative ran for two hours instead of one, which residents expressing their concerns over the lack of attention by leaders to their section of the city.

Landowners to be hit hard with severance tax increase

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Tom and Sharon Bailey own 21.7 acres of land along state Route 441 in Columbiana County. They signed a lease with a 17.5 percent royalty rate with a gas company. Because this is a net lease, the Baileys will pay a portion of the severance tax as well as taxes on the royalties. – Caitlin Cook/

Gov. John Kasich’s plan to increase severance taxes on horizontal gas drilling may have hit a bump when the House failed to include it in its approved budget April 18, but that doesn’t mean the issue is dead.

New UK study seems to indicate you’re as old as you feel

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A new study tries to uncover the exact time when middle and old age begins. Chris Davidson brings us the story.

State sides with Valley Renaissance in respiratory unit closing

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A state hearing officer sided with the Valley Renaissance Health Care Center in its effort to close its respiratory care unit. (Doug Livingston/

Administrators faced closure of unit or closure of facility

Faced with a choice of closing the respiratory care unit or closing the entire facility, the administrator of Valley Renaissance Healthcare Center in Boardman chose the first option.

Pressure mounts for undecided voters to make up minds

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When The News Outlet began following undecided voters in mid-August, the Columbus Dispatch reported that 10 percent of Ohio’s registered voters were undecided.

That number has dwindled as the presidential election approaches. About 5 percent of voters tell pollsters they remain undecided, according to The Atlantic magazine.

Debate lacks civility for both sides

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Out-of-town construction workers Ryan Baltz and Ken Stohler talk politics on the job site of the Youngstown State University sports field. Stohler, a 60-year-old conservative business owner, and Baltz, a 26-year-old liberal college graduate, both agree that Ohio’s political atmosphere is unlike any they’ve seen. (Doug Livingston/

Wednesday morning, Ryan Baltz and Ken Stohler shared a coffee and fluorescent yellow vests at the Fifth Avenue McDonalds. Tuesday night, they shared a hotel room at the Comfort Inn in Austintown, where they watched the second presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y.

Undecideds look to Round 2 for answers

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Joe Sullivan, 60, a Boardman resident, is an undecided voter after President Barack Obama’s lackluster performance in the first of three presidential debates. He says his presidential pick now hinges on the final two debates.(Doug Livingston/

Joe Sullivan of Boardman looks forward to the end of nearly two years of campaigning.

After President Barack Obama’s lackluster performance in the first of three presidential debates, he is once again an undecided voter.

Ohio finds out it’s all about swing

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Ohio is evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. We are a battleground state, a purple state or what’s called a Swing State – in other words we can swing either Republican or Democrat in the November election and that’s why we’re so important.

Local conservative predicts a Romney win

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We brought you a story yesterday featuring political activist John Russo. He shared his liberal perspective. Today, we bring you a conservative look at some of the issues.

Undecided voters become more important as election nears

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Regardless of voter tendencies, the polls are suggesting that the debate had a significant impact on the presidential race, more so than in previous elections. If the trend holds true, Sracic said, the “history books” on how debates have not always swayed votes may need to be rewritten.