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Youngstown debates a ban on fracking

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In an office park just a few miles outside of town, a bright red sign reads “Local Jobs, Local Workers.”

Roland “Butch” Taylor of the Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 396 union sits in a cramped office…

Life’s journey takes a detour

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It’s a long road from the oil fields of California to the protest lines at fracking sites in Ohio, but that’s where 54-year-old Susie Beiersdorfer finds herself these days.

PA prefers recycling brine, Ohio favors injection

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Whatever you call it – brine, produced water, flowback water – it’s still a byproduct of gas and oil drilling, and the problem will remain the same. What do you do with the stuff?

Lack of infrastructure hinders growth in oil-and-gas boom areas

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Frank Leghart, mayor of Carrollton, said the oil and gas industry has helped fix roads in outlying areas, making them “nicer than they were before they started.” – Shee Wai Wong/

The oil and gas industry benefits businesses in Ohio, but lagging infrastructure may slow down growth in some areas. Chris Davidson has the story.

Cities save thousands by switching to natural gas-powered vehicles

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Kirt Conrad, executive director and CEO of SARTA, refuels one of the 30 buses that run on compressed natural gas. – Anna Tultz/

Throughout Ohio, cities are finding that burning natural gas in their buses not only helps the environment, but also the bottom line.

Fracking concerns some farmers

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Jeffrey Dick, who owns a farm in Columbiana County, is not worried about fracking harming his farm. Dick, who is also the chairman of Geological and Environmental Studies at Youngstown State University, said a bigger concern should be surface spills and traffic accidents of fracking flowback water. — Photo by Karen Bell/

Fracking not only splits rock, but farmers as well.

Infrastructure issues delay business development in Carroll County

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When the fracking industry arrived in Carroll County, it brought an influx of money – and demands.

Lack of communication on water contamination concerns some PA residents

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Months after the discovery of pollution in the Mahoning River, residents downstream on the Beaver River, don’t want it to happen again.

Caitlin Fitch has the story.

The complex world of Shale

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New Yorker Christi Everitt (pictured) is an environmentalist, who owns a solar power plant and a greenhouse garden. She is pro-fracking because natural gas burns cleaner than coal. In contrast, Susie Beiersdorfer of Youngstown went to work for an oil company right out of college. Her grandfather also started a company selling supplies to oil companies. She is now a fervent opponent to fracking.(Shee Wai Wong/

There are two sides to every story. But in the world of fracking those two sides may not always be clear-cut.

Business is good, getting better in Carroll County

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The oil and gas industry is bringing economic benefits to the oil-and-gas-rich areas in Ohio. Chris Davdison tells us how the industry is affecting businesses in one boom-town, Carrollton.