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Audio Image captured using a GoPro camera in side the car during the 45-minute drive. Regina Spicer, owner of New Beginnings Driving School in Euclid, went on a 45-minute ride with
reporters and spotted 14 drivers using cellphones. Front seat – Regina Spicer (left), William Ludt (News Outlet reporter); back seat – Dave Davis,
YSU journalism professor and News Outlet advisor.

Despite a state law banning the practice, there are still some Ohioans who text while driving. Even more will talk on their cell phones while behind the wheel. Reporters with The News Outlet wanted to see how many – so, they went on a ride with a driving instructor. Here’s Jay Jackman with more.

Audio Dave Muslovski was an avid fisherman and owner of Iron City Wood Products in Youngstown.
Before he died, he had been on a health kick, which included walking to and from work – an 18-
miles round trip.

Tina Muslovski Yanssens of East Palestine is on a crusade to toughen Ohio’s laws after a texting driver killed her father. Reporters from The News Outlet spoke with her at her father’s business in Campbell. John Veauthier reports.