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Gailor Blake, 88, opened the door to his Austintown home at 9 a.m. to welcome Terri Zarlingo with a bright smile.

“She’s like family,” Blake said, as Zarlingo, a driver for Celtic Healthcare’s hot- meals delivery program, arrives.

Once Zarlingo finishes her short, friendly discussion with Blake, she sets his meal out and leaves. She may be the last person Blake — one of the last survivors of his own family — sees that day unless neighbors visit.

Community Photo by Joe Giesy | The News Outlet

Up stream from where Luis Velazquez regularly casts his fishing pole beneath the Liberty-Girard Bridge, the slow moving water glistens in summer sunlight as oil residue creates a thin sliver silhouette along the riverbank. Calmly flowing down stream, water disappears and rushes over one of nine remaining low-head dams along the lower Mahoning River.

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