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Community YSU student Lauren Ferguson (left) and E’Niyha McLane, a second-grader at Harding Elementary School, Youngstown, play Pop for Phonics during a tutoring session Monday, March 2, at the school. The game helps bolster reading and writing ability for elementary students. Mary Sweetwood/

Youngstown State University students are tutoring city second-graders in reading as part of Project PASS. The weekly session are designed to help the youngsters pass the third-grade reading test that will allow them to continue into the fourth grade.

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The News Outlet’s newest partner The University of Cincinnati teamed with Hagit Limor, an award-winning investigative journalist and assistant professor at UC, for an investigation into the city’s slow response to enforce a law requiring the installation of photoelectric smoke detectors in rental units. The report, which aired on WXIX-FOX 19 in Cincinnati, included a spot check by students in the Electronic Media Division and Journalism Department. The students visited 87 rental units. Of those, they found only 17 had the required smoke detectors and six had no detectors at all. Also, the city isn’t tracking landlord compliance.

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