Brown: I have experience to move Youngstown forward


Mayoral candidate Jamael Tito Brown’s slogan is “Youngstown Forward.” Brown shares the course he’d plot for the city’s future with News Outlet reporter Andrew Donofrio.

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Current president of City Council, Tito Brown says he’s set to lead Youngstown.

I’ve been at the table. I’ve had a firsthand experience of the resurgence of the city of Youngstown.

Brown says he’ll improve the city’s relationships with neighboring municipalities and outside investors.

It’s not just sitting at the boardroom table. It’s about building some social capital, where I’m sitting down with mayors, or council members or president of council from other townships in non-business settings.

He says social capital or mutual cooperation includes strong partnerships with the city’s higher education centers. He wants a workforce that’s …

…educated and prepared to continue the job growth in this community.

Brown says, if elected, he’d declare an …

… all out war on finding new jobs.

Where it concerns the oil and gas industry, Brown says:

We’ve watched the worst of this industry happen right here in our community: earthquakes, spilling and dumping.

While Brown says he’ll work for greater local control, he doesn’t believe fracking should be stopped.

I see why it’s cautious to say, ‘Well, we don’t want that industry.’ But, if we didn’t want that industry, we wouldn’t have a V&M (Star) that invested $650 million.

Brown plans to put the roughly $2.8 million left from the city’s three-year lease agreement with V&M Star toward infrastructure. He points to roads, streetlights and housing.

As for blight …

… If there’s one bad home on that block, let’s specifically remove that. If you have a bad tooth in your mouth, if you remove that one, the rest are smiling and bright.

He calls for stronger state regulations on abandoned homes. He does not want investors and lenders to walk away leaving otherwise good homes vacant, empty and unkempt.

I’m dealing with banks saying, here’s what, I’m going to do – tell the people to leave, and now, I’ve decided no we don’t want it on our portfolio. So, the city is holding the bag. And I think, there needs to be a greater accountability for those lending institutions.

Brown says it’s time the city had an urban planner, and he says that planner should be aided by interns from Youngstown’s higher education institutions.

Who would not want to work on an urban plan in a city such as Youngstown with the great potential that we have.

The News Outlet plans to keep you up to date on any new developments or candidates as the 2013 mayoral election unfolds. For, I’m Andrew Donofrio.