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More people use food assistance in Valley than U.S. average

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Locally, more people use government assistance to buy food than the national average. Lee Murray has the story.

State raises doubts about Liberty’s financial future

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State auditors have found several problems in Liberty Township’s accounts and say there were enough problems to raise “substantial doubt” about the township’s “ability to continue as a going concern. Township officials say the problems are the result of severe cuts in state tax revenue, elimination of estate taxes and a reduction in the property tax base.

Hubbard cops train for lethal threats

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Hubbard City Police Sgt. Christopher Moffitt, left, instructs while Detective David Oaks listens during an active shooter scenario training at Hubbard Middle School. - MADELYN P. HASTINGS/The Vindicator

Hubbard Police Officer Adam Hess checks every room along the central hallway of Hubbard Middle School with his gun drawn.

Girard water department bills church $93,000

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A monthly water bill is nothing new. A water bill in the thousands of dollars – well, “it’s growing pains,” according Jerry Lambert, the director of public services for Girard. Those “pains” were attributed to a software problem in the changeover from manual-read water meters to automatic readers.

Planting patriotism

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Members of a Covenant Life Fellowship Church placed 6,000 small flags, supplied by Burgan Real Estate, throughout Hubbard just in time for the Independence Day celebrations. These were some of the 14,000 total flags the company provides in several Mahoning Valley communities each year. – Photo by Dustin Livesay/The Vindicator

The streets of Hubbard were turned into a patriotic spectacle of red, white and blue by volunteers from Covenant Life Fellowship Church.

Slice of success

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Carol Magazzeni, director of marketing and public relations, and Tony Szambecki, chief executive offi cer of Hallrich Inc.,
which owns 84 Pizza Hut franchises across the region, sit inside the Pizza Hut in Poland. (Photo by MADELYN P. HASTINGS | THE VINDICATOR)

“My wife scheduled a wedding without telling me the dates. I said I was sorry, but I was going to have to go to Ohio first to open some Pizza Huts.”

The 680/224 conundrum: Valley’s most congested road will become even more chaotic

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The troubled intersection of Interstate 680 and U.S. Route 224 is about to get worse before it gets better.

Councilwoman supports International Towers resident over bedbug contract

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Residents at International Towers have been told by the building’s management to sign a contract that some believe will make them financially liable for future bedbug infestations — or their apartment will not be treated by exterminators.

Girard couple swindled by fake contractor

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An elderly Girard couple told police that they gave $1,000 to a man claiming to be a roofing contractor last week, but they have not been able to contact him since.

Local Boy Scouts stand by national resolution

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The Boy Scouts Logo

The Boy Scouts of America Greater Western Reserve Council says it will abide by a decision by the national council to permit membership of gay youths.