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Variable prices for fast food blamed on volume, cost, discrimination

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While a Big Mac at a McDonald’s in Cortland tastes the same as one from Hubbard, it’ll cost you more. Experts say, sometimes, it boils down to the commonly used concept of price discrimination. Jessica Mowchan/

If you’re taking a bite out of a Big Mac in Cortland, it’s taking a bigger bite out of your wallet than if you’d bought it in Hubbard.

Fracking concerns some farmers

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Jeffrey Dick, who owns a farm in Columbiana County, is not worried about fracking harming his farm. Dick, who is also the chairman of Geological and Environmental Studies at Youngstown State University, said a bigger concern should be surface spills and traffic accidents of fracking flowback water. — Photo by Karen Bell/

Fracking not only splits rock, but farmers as well.

The Wizard comes to local theater as well as to movie screens

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“Oz the Great and Powerful” debuts on the silver screen this weekend … while locally you catch “The Wizard of Oz” in Columbiana. Karen Bell brings us the story.

Area students become published authors

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Fellows Riverside Garden gives local children the opportunity to write a book. Karen Bell has more.

Spring comes early to Mill Creek MetroParks Riverside Garden

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With a warmer than average winter, people are starting to wonder what to expect this spring. The News Outlet’s Karen Bell takes a walk with the horticulture director at Fellows Riverside Garden.

Mother Nature surprises North Eastern Ohio

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Mother Nature surprised us this past winter with warmer temperatures. Karen Bell reports.