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Author: Youngstown smallest mobbed city in U.S. history

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Allan May has made a career out of writing about organized crime in the United States. His latest book, “Crimetown USA: The History of the Mahoning Valley Mafia,” details the crime ring in the Youngstown, OH, area.

Pharmacies offer vaccines to counter flu season

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Pharmacies in the Mahoning Valley, including Cornersburg Family Discount Drugs, are offering flu vaccinations to their customers. Those 6 months and older are encouraged to get the shot, according to the Ohio Department of Health. – Chris Davidson/

October to March is the traditional flu season. The Centers for Disease Control says 5 to 20 percent of the population will battle flu each year. Chris Davidson reports.

Increase in state sales tax effective Sept. 1

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Beginning this week, Ohioans will be paying more in sales tax. Chris Davidson reports.

YSU police chief offers advice in light of recent robberies

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With the recent armed robberies on Youngstown’s North side, Youngstown State University Police has increased patrol hours. YSU Police Chief John Beshara tells students to be alert and not get distracted by technology.

Goodbye Paramount: Don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone

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One of downtown’s landmarks falls prey to the wrecking ball. And a 1970 Joni Mitchell lyric seems oddly prophetic. Chris Davidson reports.

Ice cream trucks deliver sounds, tastes of summer

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Tim Oswald left the transportation industry to pursue a new career in ice cream. He owns the only Kona Ice Franchise in Northeast Ohio.

Summer and ice cream … ice cream and summer … the two go hand in hand. And in several communities, ice cream treats may be available right outside your door. Chris Davidson has the story.

Lack of infrastructure hinders growth in oil-and-gas boom areas

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Frank Leghart, mayor of Carrollton, said the oil and gas industry has helped fix roads in outlying areas, making them “nicer than they were before they started.” – Shee Wai Wong/

The oil and gas industry benefits businesses in Ohio, but lagging infrastructure may slow down growth in some areas. Chris Davidson has the story.

Annual Fellows plant sale a great place to find – annuals

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Rose Brown of Columbiana came to the plant sale searching for shade plants. She found a Pulmonaria Trevi Fountain. (Chris Davidson/

Each spring, plant lovers, gardeners and wannabe gardeners descend on Fellows Riverside Garden for its annual plant sale. Chris Davidson talks with some of people who help stage the three-day event and some who come simply for a gardening fix.

Business is good, getting better in Carroll County

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The oil and gas industry is bringing economic benefits to the oil-and-gas-rich areas in Ohio. Chris Davdison tells us how the industry is affecting businesses in one boom-town, Carrollton.

Fracking success can be measured in sack lunches

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The gas and oil industry boom brings, people, trucks and rigs to Carroll County, but for one local business, prosperity is measured by brown bag lunches. Here’s reporter, Chris Davidson.