A little bit of spring lands in Lake Glacier


Every year, around the first week of April or so, some people call off work, change their regular activates or alter their schedule. It’s not like they caught a flu bug, it’s more like they’re getting ready to catch something else.

Chris Davidson talked with some of people who played hooky this past Thursday. (April 4th)

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Riley Brooks, 13, of Youngstown shows off the trout he caught at Lake Glacier. - Christine Davidson/TheNewsOutlet.org

Riley Brooks, 13, of Youngstown shows off the trout he caught at Lake Glacier. – Christine Davidson/TheNewsOutlet.org

(Sounds of honking geese flying over Lake Glacier )

Well, I’m just here spending some time with my good friends trying to catch a couple fish.

That’s Dave Hunter of Masury.

He’s at Lake Glacier with Larry Dotson of Warren …

To be with my friends they are going to introduce me to trout fishing

And Ivan Melendez of Hubbard …

They just let them out up there by the boat dock. So it takes a little while for them to get up here.

They are just some of the fisherman who spent the day at Lake Glacier this past Thursday.

Here’s Mill Creek MetroParks Marketing Director Linda Kostka

Fisherman line the banks when they know the trout are coming to catch the fish  and they are all catchable size and pretty much ready to be cooked 

Kostka says the Ohio Department of Natural Resources stocked Glacier with 2,500 rainbow trout.

(Sounds of fish splashing in water)

Three-year-old Riley Brooks of Youngstown is fishing with his dad and sister. He’s already landed his first catch of the day.

I don’t know, I guess I just like seeing and holding the fish

He’s using night crawlers for bait. Dave Rupp of Hubbard stands a few feet away. He’s using kernel corn.

Hopefully, catch fish to eat them for dinner tonight. They’re beautiful. They are very special. They’re fun to catch because your rod bounces all over… like right now…ahh, I just had one….

Rupp lost that fish, but Robert Waller of East Palestine just caught the third of his five-fish limit. He’s looking forward to tonight’s trout dinner.

I split ’em, put ’em in tin foil, I put Lambrusco wine on ’em, pat of butter, some season salt lemon, lime, and then I  just put ’em on the  grill  for a couple minutes and boy they are good….

Glacier is among 63 Ohio lakes where the ODNR delivers the fish each spring. The rainbow trout are raised at state fish hatcheries.

For TheNewsOutlet.org, I’m Chris Davidson.