Youngstown children second poorest in nation

In the city of Youngstown, 63.3 percent of children live in poverty, according to census numbers. That’s the second worst rate in the United States.

Few respond to first question in Columbus Exchange project

Concussions: Paying the Price

A series of stories on concussions by the Youngstown State University's journalism senior project class

Board members of Turkish-run charter schools won’t answer questions about citizenship or leadership roles

The names of school board members at Ohio’s publicly funded Horizon and Noble charter schools are unlike those on traditional public school boards.

Charter schools must market themselves to survive

Charter, or community schools, in Ohio must market themselves to parents and students in order to survive. The ads promise everything from flexibility, one-on-one teaching, safety and better education to entice parents, potential students.

Idora Park property – 29 years and waiting

Since 1985, the owner of the Idora Park property has promised to develop a City of God on the site. After 29 years, the property sits idle. Now, the owner Mount Calvary Pentecostal Church, may ask the community for financial help to kick start the development.

News Outlet/Beacon Journal BOE package wins AP journalism award

The News Outlet, based at Youngstown State University, has once again earned state honors for the journalistic work done by its staff of student reporters.



SOUP-2-WEB First Youngstown SOUP raises $700 for Circle of Friends
Youngstown SOUP, a dinner/micro-grant event, raised $1,000 at its first event to help one community project. The winning project was the Mahoning Valley Circle of Friends. The winner of best soup was Denise Bayer for her Cream of Tomato Basil. The next event is July 27.
Election-Day-art Elections officials expect light voter turnout at Mahoning Valley polls
Election officials in the Mahoning Valley expect a light turnout of voters, in the 20-percent range, on Election Day, May 6. The exceptions may be in the West Branch School District and in Austintown, where levies are on the ballot.
Fire-Main Cadets participate in controlled burn of vacant house
Firefighting cadets with the Youngstown Fired Department participated in a controlled burn of a house at the corner of Ford Avenue and Arlington Street, adjacent to the Youngstown State University campus. Residents, businesses and university students were unaware this was a training exercise.
SOUP-logo SOUP serves up fun, funds for community projects
The first Youngstown SOUP dinner event will be at 7 p.m. April 27 in the Calvin Center, 755 Mahoning Ave. Attendees will be served soup, salad and bread, and asked to vote on one of five community projects. The money collected from the $5 admission will go to the winner.
Sean Posey, a local historian and professor, spoke with a group of 40 people about the “Past, Present and Future of the South Side” during a gathering April 19 at the Oak Hill Collaborative. He would like to see local institutions become more involved in the city neighborhoods. Job creation is also important. Chris Davidson/ Gathering learns about past, present, future of Youngstown’s South side
Residents in South side of Youngstown say future lies in creating jobs. Roughly 40 people, who live in that area, attended a gathering April 19 at the Oak Hill Collaborative. Sean Posey, an historian and professor, spoke about the South sides, past, present and future.
YNDC Covelli YNDC’s April 8 meeting to wrap up findings, offer some details
The Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. has scheduled its final informational meeting at 6:30 p.m. April 8 at the Covelli Center. The group will recap findings from local neighborhood meetings and offer details on the Neighborhood Conditions Report.
Valley population becoming older, poorer
People living in the Mahoning Valley are getting older and poorer. Census figures show the area has the fifth highest number of residents 65 and older. Also, the area has the lowest average household income, less than $30,000 a year. This poorer, aging population will need help financially from local agencies and the community.
JCC-web North side residents feel safe, but worry about home sales
During the April 1 Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp., residents of the North side were happy with the work being down by the development group. While residents said they felt safe, they are worried about the affect of vacancies and demolition on home prices in their area.
NERF-7-WEB NERF wars bring church, community together
Curtis Schaffer, a member of First Christ church in Salem, has two passions: church and NERF guns. He combined both into a project called, “NERFing for Jesus.” Every month since December, about 30 youths gather at a different church in the Salem area to wage a NERF war. The goal is to bring the church and the community together. The group hopes to welcome more churches into the project.
Ian Beniston, deputy director of the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp., says the growth in the Idora Neighborhood can be attributed to the active involvement residents, who created community gardens, sponsored beautification projects and boarded up vacant homes. Chris Davidson/ Growth in Idora neighborhood attributed to resident involvement
About 50 people attended Idora Neighborhood Assocaition meeting to discuss their concerns about development with members of the Youngstown Neighorhood Development Corp. The area has seen considerable growth in the past 10 years. YNDC officials attribute this to active involvement by residents. The one big concern, however, was the lack of development of the former Idora Park site, now owned by Mount Calvary Pentecostal Church.


Ian Beniston, executive director of the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp., explains the city’s four-part development plan during a community meeting Nov. 12 in the Covelli Centre. Brittany Wenner/ Development officials outline plan for Youngstown
Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. officials outlined a four-part plan to revitalize the city.
hydrocodon_005 Government makes it hard to get popular painkillers
The Drug Enforcement Administration is tightening rules for doctors and patients regarding hydrocodone-based medicines, such as Vicodin and Norco.
Noga-1-WEB Some try to restore American dream in Oak Hill
Pure numbers don’t tell the whole story of the Oak Hill neighborhood in Youngstown. The numbers say the area is near death. The residents and officials at the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. say the odds change when you factor in human determination.
YNDC-YSU-WEB YSU students mirror concerns of Youngstown residents
Officials with the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. attempted to get a youth perspective on the city’s problems by meeting with students at Youngstown State University. While most city residents are concerned by population loss, YSU students are worried about decreased enrollment.
Covelli-Meeting WEB YNDC promises actions on development plans
Officials at the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. spoke to residents April 8 at the Covelli Centre about the assets and concerns of city residents. They also promised to develop a plan and a plan of action for implementation.
Big-Jim-web City’s aging population will require more services
Some sections of Youngstown have about twice the population of 65 and older residents than the national average. While the city must find a way to help these residents on a declining budget, some businesses that cater to this age group are already seeing a spike in revenue.
Van-dussen-Web Youngstown, YNDC must grapple with aging population
The population of Youngstown is getting smaller – and older. The percentage of residents who are 65 and older is as high as 20 to 35 percent in some areas. This not only concerns those areas, but the development arm of the city. The Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. will need to focus on bringing younger residents into these areas to keep them stable.
SEO_Logo Getting information from charter schools difficult
Student reporters with The News Outlet contacted nearly 300 charter schools in Ohio in an effort to obtain basic public information. Only one in four schools complied with the requests.
OAK-HILL-1-web Many concerned with lack of development on South side
Roughly 70 South side residents attended an informational meeting sponsored by the Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corp. The meeting at the Oak Hill Collaborative ran for two hours instead of one, which residents expressing their concerns over the lack of attention by leaders to their section of the city.
SEO_Logo Confusion ensues when discussing community versus charter schools
The charter-school movement in the U.S. began in earnest in the early 1990s. However, there have been several “community” schools cropping up in Ohio. The News Outlet offers a vocabulary lesson on these schools.